Learning: A Lifelong Adventure

Welcome to InSight Learning, based in downtown Medfield, Massachusetts.

Lisa knows that success is not about numbers: it’s about finding your passion and following it, enjoying each step of the way, and maintaining a love of learning. Her mission is to help you discover and accomplish your goals with authentic joy.

She understands that many students have anxiety about tests, interviews, and applications, so she has created a wide range of offerings that help you manage stress mindfully until you can leave it behind. The same applies to parents, who rightfully worry about their children navigating the ever more complex path to college admission. Lisa helps reduce families’ stress and encourages students to enjoy the self-discovery inherent in college search and application.


Lisa E. Paige, PhD

A first-gen graduate of Harvard University, where she was a scholarship student, InSight founder Lisa Paige brings a bit of nerdiness and a lot of zeal to all of her endeavors. She holds an Honors AB from Harvard, and a masters and PhD from Bryn Mawr. Learning is her way of life.

In 2013-14, Lisa served as President of Harvard Women, advocating for prevention of on-campus sexual assault at Harvard and beyond. 

Lisa moved back to the Greater Boston area in 2012 after 25 years in academia, publishing, and government in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. She assists students in math, writing, SAT, ACT, ISEE, SSAT, HPST, and the GRE, and coaches them through all college admissions hurdles. As a participant in Harvard’s Schools Committees for more than 20 years, she learned the in’s and out’s of admissions. Her students’ personal essays have gained special attention from admissions officers at some of the best colleges and universities in the U.S. and Canada.

Working hard to improve test scores is NOT akin to gaming the system. It improves self-confidence and expands problem solving skills, plus allows students to show admissions that they are willing to work hard to conquer challenges.

Photo by Paul Emberger Photography

Photo by Paul Emberger Photography

When not inspiring students to follow their passions with vigor, Lisa enjoys time with her family and friends (human, canine, and feline) at home on Populatic Pond, Franklin. She loves music, travel, and yoga.