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Learning: A Lifelong Adventure

Welcome to InSight Learning, based in downtown Medfield, MA, but available worldwide online.

Here, coaches and tutors know that success is not about numbers: it’s about finding your passion and following it, enjoying each step of the way, and recovering the love of learning we all had as young children. Our mission is to help you discover and accomplish your goals with authentic joy.

We understand that many students have anxiety about tests, interviews, and applications, so we have created a wide range of offerings that help you manage stress mindfully until you can leave it behind. The same applies to parents, who rightfully worry about their children navigating the academic road to a successful and fulfilling professional life in these complicated times. By combining mindfulness practices and positive psychology with traditional tutoring and admissions coaching, we help our client families find fun in completing even the most mundane aspects of school and college applications.

Photo by Paul Emberger Photography

Photo by Paul Emberger Photography

Lisa E. Paige, PhD

A proud first-gen graduate of Harvard University, InSight founder Lisa Paige brings a bit of unabashed--and, she hopes, stylish--nerdiness and zeal to all of her endeavors. In addition to her AB degree in German Studies, a lifelong passion, she also holds her master's and PhD from Bryn Mawr in English; recently, she completed post-doc work in Positive Psychology and in Writing for Young Adults, and in 2014 she completed graduate level coursework in Expressive Writing. She is fluent in German and never completely stops trying to acquire Russian. Learning is her way of life.

Lisa moved back to the Greater Boston area in 2012 after 25 years in academia, publishing, and government in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Before opening inSight in 2015 (originally DBA as Last Paige Education in Norwood, MA), she tutored students in math, writing, SAT, ACT, ISEE, SSAT, HPST, and the GRE, and coached them for college admissions, at leading education firms in Cambridge, Concord/Acton, and Westwood. She is notoriously demanding and results-oriented regarding the personal essay, to much success.

Not being a 1%-er, for 20 years Lisa chose to give back to Harvard by serving as an alumni interviewer and representative in Central PA, helping her alma mater continue to add diversity and intellectual voracity to their student body. In the 1990s, she founded the Harvard-Radcliffe Club of Central Pennsylvania, and in 2013-14 served as President of Harvard Women, advocating for prevention of on-campus sexual assault at Harvard and beyond. 

These days, Lisa is an associate member of the International Educational Consultants Association, and a member of the International Positive Psychology Association and the International Journal Writing Association. When not inspiring students to follow their passions with vigor and determination and/or advocating for her students, she enjoys time with her family and friends (human and animal), especially while traveling, but also at home on Populatic Pond, Franklin.


Molly O’Connell

Molly O’Connell, Senior Tutor Coordinator, is currently a senior at Walpole High School, where she peer tutors as a member of the National Honor Society. She has received numerous academic awards and medals, including National Awards for her placements on the National Latin and Spanish Exams, and the Mount Holyoke College Book Award  for her academic achievements. Additionally, Molly is an active member of Student Council, Latin Club, and the girls’ golf team. Molly’s proudest accomplishment is being named Editor-in-Chief for the award-winning Walpole High School newspaper, The Rebellion. Molly tutors both English and math sections for the SAT and ACT, as well as multiple academic subjects. She also coordinates InSight’s peer tutoring program.


Jacob Talbot

Jacob Talbot, Student Tutor, is a senior at Walpole High School. An avid photographer planning to go into engineering, he is qualified to tutor math in any subject up through AP Calculus AB, and all sciences including bio, chemistry, and physics. He provides excellent help organizing students for tests and loves helping students with difficult homework. He also enjoys helping students with history.